Vote from Home with a Mail Ballot

Who can vote by mail?

How to Vote by Mail in Rhode Island

Rhode Island mail ballot

You will receive your mail ballot packet at the address listed on your application. Your mail ballot packet includes:

  1. Your mail ballot
  2. Voter's Mail Ballot Certificate envelope
  3. Voting from Home instructions wrap
  4. Postage-paid return envelope
  5. I Voted by Mail sticker

If you do not receive your packet, call the Elections Division at 401-222-2340.


Read the instructions carefully on how to mark your ballot and check both sides of the ballot. Note how many candidates you can vote for or if you are to approve or reject a referendum question.

Completely fill the oval next to your choice(s) using a pen. Black ink preferred.

Write-In Option when applicable: To vote for a candidate whose name is not on the ballot, fill in the oval to the left of “Write-in” and print the name clearly in the box.

Do not cross out any mistakes you may have made on your ballot. Instead call the Elections Division at 401-222-2340 or TDD 711 to make arrangements to receive a replacement ballot.

  • Insert voted ballot into Voter’s Mail Ballot Certificate (smaller envelope).
  • Print your name.
  • Provide a telephone number in case there are questions pertaining to your Voter’s Mail Ballot Certificate. Sign the envelope.
  • Sign your name. The signature on your Mail Ballot Certificate envelope will be compared to the signature on your mail ballot application.
  • You must have 2 witnesses or a Notary Public witness your signature. You can use our Notary Search tool to find one near you.
Rhode Island mail ballot

Place completed mail ballot certificate envelope into the postage-paid return envelope addressed to the:

      Rhode Island Board of Elections
      P.O.Box 6128
      Providence, RI 02940

You should allow at least seven (7) mailing days to ensure your mail ballot arrives by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

You may hand deliver the sealed envelope to the Board of Elections:

      2000 Plainfield Pike, Suite A
      Cranston, RI 02921

You may hand deliver the sealed envelope to any of the drop box locations around the state. Contact your local board of canvassers to find a drop box near you.

The Board of Elections must receive your mail ballot by 8 p.m. on Election Day

Rhode Island mail ballot


Below are frequently asked questions about voting by mail. We encourage you to read the complete guide on how to safely vote from home with a mail ballot.