Vote By Emergency Mail Ballot

If circumstances arise within 20 days of an election, you can apply for an emergency mail ballot and vote at your local board of canvassers until 4 P.M on the day before the election.

You can also apply for an emergency mail ballot and have it mailed to you or authorize someone to pick up your emergency mail ballot on your behalf within 20 days of an election. Remember that the State Board of Elections must receive your mail ballot by 8:00 P.M. on Election Day.

Steps to Vote by Emergency Mail Ballot in Rhode Island


Go to your local city/town hall and ask for an Emergency Mail Ballot. You can also download the Emergency Mail Ballot Application when available.


After you submit your Emergency Mail Ballot Application to the local board of canvassers, they will process your application and issue you your mail ballot.


Completely fill the oval next to your choice(s) using a black pen.

To vote for a candidate whose name is not on the ballot, you can fill in the oval to the left of “Write-in” and print the name clearly in the box.

If you make a mistake while marking your ballot, your local clerk will be able to assist you in obtaining a replacement ballot.


Insert voted ballot into the oath (smaller) envelope and seal it.

Print your name and sign your oath envelope.

Two individuals OR a notary must witness your signature.


Leave your completed ballot with the clerk if voting at your local city/town hall.

You may also mail back your emergency mail ballot or hand deliver it to the Board of Elections at :

2000 Plainfield Pike, Suite A
Cranston, RI 02921

Ballots must be received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day to be counted.