Why Be A Voter?

The best public policy decisions are made when there is a diversity of opinions, perspectives and backgrounds at the policy-making table. In order for those voices to be at that table, we have to get our citizenry to vote.

Voting is fundamental to our representative democracy and your civic participation is critical to our success as a state.

Below are infographics to give you a better understanding of civics, voting, and how to make your voice heard!

Federal and State Branches of Government

This infographic shows the Federal and State branches of government. The framers of the Constitution wanted to ensure each branch had an equal role so that no single branch of government would become too powerful. This system is commonly called “checks and balances”.


Municipal Government

Rhode Island cities and towns have many different forms of government. If you move from one town to another, there will likely be a different way your town leaders are selected. This infographic will help you understand how your local government works.


Levels of Government and Public Policy

Depending on which elected office has oversight on issues important to you, voting is the easiest way for you to have some control over important policy decisions. From education to transportation, your vote for leaders in local, state and federal elections matters.


How a Bill Becomes a Law in Rhode Island

Understanding the legislative process is important to know how and when you can best make your voice heard. This infographic shows how a bill becomes a law in Rhode Island.


Make Your Voice Heard

Even after Election Day, elected officials need to hear from the people they represent. This infographic outlines some other ways you can make your voice heard.