Running as a Party Candidate

Affiliated Candidates:

If you plan on running as a party candidate, you must be a member of that particular party (Democrat, Republican) or unaffiliated at the time of filing your Declaration of Candidacy.

Independent/Unaffiliated Candidates:

You are eligible to file a Declaration of Candidacy as an independent/unaffiliated candidate if, at the time of filing the Declaration of Candidacy, you are qualified to vote in the election within the district for the office which you seek.

Understanding Your Party Affiliation Options:

You are eligible to run as a:
If you are registered as: Democrat Republican Independent
Democrat Yes No* Yes
Republican No* Yes Yes
Independent Yes Yes Yes

NOTE: In the preceding chart, “Independent” refers to “Unaffiliated.”

* If you belong to one party and want to run as a candidate for another party, you must change your party at least 90 days prior to the date you will file your Declaration of Candidacy.


When you no longer wish to be a member of a particular political party, you must sign a form to “disaffiliate” from that party. The deadline to disaffiliate is 90 days before the deadline to file a Declaration of Candidacy.

Forms are available at the local boards of canvassers. You must disaffiliate with the local Board of Canvassers in the city or town where you are registered to vote.

You can also file your disaffiliation by updating your voter registration record online or by downloading a new voter registration form. Mailed registration forms must be received by the disaffiliation deadline.